Financial Planning

Comprehensive and goals-based financial planning

Money Professionals, LLC offers both comprehensive and goals-based financial planning on an hourly fee basis or by retainer. Our comprehensive planning services may include the following:

Planning for All Ages & Financial Stages of Life

Retirement Income & Distribution Planning

Planning for Educational Funding

Estate, Legacy, & Charitable Planning

Risk Management / Insurance Planning

Investment Management

Special Needs Planning

Life Transition Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Our firm specializes in Retirement Income Planning for those approaching or already in retirement.

Investing during retirement is completely different from investing for retirement. The requirement to generate consistent and reliable income over the long-term changes the investment focus in a fundamental way.

During the accumulation phase, it is completely rational and consistent to take a full measure of equity risk in return for the probability of higher returns. The emphasis is correctly placed on attaining the highest possible return. At retirement, however, the objectives change to generating income and not running out of money. An entirely different strategy is called for.

Concerns Approaching Retirement

If you are approaching retirement, you are likely to have several key concerns?

Concerns During Retirement

If you are already retired, your concerns will probably include:

Our firm can assist you in answering these and other important questions pertaining to your retirement and/or other planning issues.

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